Valcon for team Bobster

Valcon for team Bobster

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Hi there,  

My name is Bobby (better known as the Bobster) and I am already six months old. I like to laugh the whole day and love to listen to the songs my mom and dad sing for me. Mom and dad say I am the happiest baby of The Netherlands! From the outside you cannot (yet) tell, but I am quite ill. I have the metabolic disease named CDG type 1a. My mom and dad gave me this disease without knowing. Because of this I have to live with a lot of restrictions and I will not grow old. But that won’t stop me from bringing a smile to everyone’s face! 

Together with my mom and dad and a bunch of their friends, families and colleagues I will ride the Amsterdam City Walk in my stroller. My aim is to raise money for more research to ultimately improve diagnosis and treatment. For me this is probably too late, but it would be amazing if other kids and their parents are spared this journey.  

Will you join or sponsor me during/for the Amsterdam City walk? 

Big smile,   

For donations (also from abroad), please use the red button 'Doneer nu'. 

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